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Learn how to eat the right food to balance hormones, burn fat and sculpt sexy fit muscle and curves..


Too busy slaying all day to workout, discover short, easy workouts to build a bikini worthy body in no time…


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Who is Lauren?

If you want real advice that cuts through the clutter let Lauren’s 20 years of experience in the nutrition and fitness industry guide you. This blog delivers her uncensored truth bombs about what to eat, how to workout and hustle to get the body and life you really want..

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detox life

13 Ways to Detox Your Life

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Feeling a little toxic lately? Too many late nights, bad food binges and skipping workouts. Days of excess can turn into weeks and if you’re not careful months of abuse on the body. The result – fatigue, weight gain, depressed mood and bad sleep. Get your life back on track with a full on detox for your body and your mind.

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girl boss

How to Have Confidence When Working With Men

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Working with men can be a challenge to say the least, but even nowadays, the reality is, you’ll not only work with them, you’ll report to them. Only 17% of high positions are filled by women in the US, and outside the US that number falls to just 11%. What to do, learn how to hold your own and work with them. While your skill set is important, confidence is a bigger asset when it comes to dealing with the male ego in the workplace.

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