Hi, I’m Lauren and I started this blog to help empower women to be sexy, fit and fierce.  I’m here to share with you real and honest tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way to help transform not just your body, but also to change your life.

You’ve Come to the Right Place if You Have Ever Asked Yourself…

  • How can I burn off fat and build a curvy lean body I can show off?
  • What foods do I need to eat to get the body I want?
  • How can I build my body without spending hours in the gym?
  • What is the best diet to build muscle and burn fat?
  • How can I get out of the everyday cycle and live the life I want?

About Lauren

  • 20 Years Experience Working in the Supplement and Nutrition Industry
  • Nutritional Biochemist Specializing in Sports Nutrition and Supplementation
  • Corporate Climber to Kick-ass Consultant Building Supplement and Nutrition Start-Ups from the Ground Up
  • First Woman to Work in R&D in the Sports Supplement Industry
  • Nutrition Director in Dubai overseeing Four Healthy Food Brands
  • Published Columnist for FitnessRx for Women, and other Fitness Sites Worldwide
  • Former International Figure Competitor
  • Divorcee, Boss Lady, Well-Travelled and Currently Living Abroad Far From My Homeland Canada

The Stuff this Sexy Strong, Fit Bitch Can’t Live Without… 

  • Lifting Iron
  • Running
  • Starbucks Americanos
  • Beach Life
  • Blue Marlin Fridays
  • Sex in the City Re-Runs
  • Tattoos, Especially on Hot Men
  • Fresh Natural, Wholesome Food mostly in the form of SALAD
  • Dark Chocolate…like 80% cocoa
  • Travelling the World
  • Fast Cars
  • Shoes with Spikes
  • Dark Red MATTE lipstick
  • Stiletto Nails
  • Markus Schulz, Trance and Deep House… none of that commercial shit please…
  • The Word Fierce… especially when combined with BITCH…as in I’m a Fierce Bitch…or this Bitch is Fierce!

Let me show you how to find the time to get the body and life you want while balancing a full-time job, while being a mom, while managing a busy, hectic schedule, while trying to hustle hard for what you believe in! Subscribe and follow Sexy Strong Fit – hint it’s FREE.

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Thanks for Reading…

Be Fierce & Rule the World!