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Lauren, Author at Sexy Strong Fit

girl boss

How to Have Confidence When Working With Men

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Working with men can be a challenge to say the least, but even nowadays, the reality is, you’ll not only work with them, you’ll report to them. Only 17% of high positions are filled by women in the US, and outside the US that number falls to just 11%. What to do, learn how to hold your own and work with them. While your skill set is important, confidence is a bigger asset when it comes to dealing with the male ego in the workplace.

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keto diet

What the F is a Ketogenic Diet Anyway

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A ketogenic diet is not a diet that automatically turns on fat burning, let me repeat, is NOT a diet that magically turns on your fat burning; actually that process is called lipolysis – literally the breakdown or oxidation of fat. Ketogenic diets trigger ketosis – when the body uses ketones instead of glycogen for energy. Find out if this diet is for you…

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6 Reasons You Should Enjoy a One-Nighter Without Feeling Guilty AF

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Single women don’t have many options when it comes to sex-fulfillment without a full-time man in their life. Most women feel guilt for giving into one night of string-free fiery passion, even if they need it. Why? Because we’re brainwashed into thinking that even single women shouldn’t have the same pleasures as single men – please. Here are 6 reasons to enjoy a one-nighter without feeling guilty AF!

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