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How to Slay at Work Even if You’re Bored AF

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Slaying all day and all night but having a hard time maintaining your focus? Work can be challenging if you’re bored AF and hate your job. What can you do to change your mind-set? Find process in the progress! Use these four tips to keep your slay game focus strong, while also learning how to strategize for what’s next!

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How to Kill a Hangover While on Vaca

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When I think about vacationing, the first place that comes to my mind is Cabo San Lucas – yes Mexico. Mexico brings me found memories 1) the place I met my gangsta soulmate 2) palm trees, white sand beaches, crystal blue waters and gorgeous sunsets 3) electronic music 4) tequila, lots and lots of ice cold tequila 5) a bad ass place to lose your mind, get crazy AF and of course – killer hangovers!

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What’s In My Fridge… It’s Not What You Think!

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What’s in my fridge? I’ll give you a hint. It’s not an assortment of ready-made meals geared up for training and focused on fitness competition. Chicken, broccoli, white fish, broccoli, boring. In a past life – this is all you would have found. These days, you will still find chicken, white fish and broccoli, but you’ll also find an assortment of much more fun foods.

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