Nutrition Tips From Lauren!

Get Sexy, Strong, & Fit In 12 Weeks!

Good News! There is finally a way to get out of the vicious fat cycle for good!
The key is activating your # 1 fat-burning hormone! All you need is the right diet plan!

Get Six Pack Abs

Want a sexy six-pack? Lose your belly and finally firm-up your mid-section. Sculpt that fat into a sexy six-pack quickly, while still eating the foods you love!

Eat Carbs For Curves

Learn why carbohydrates are necessary to help build muscle so you can go
from being skinny fat to being curvy, lean, and muscular!

Lauren Jacobsen Presents: The Carb Cycle Diet

An easy to follow 12-week carb cycle diet that will kick-start metabolism, and burn fat,
while helping you build sexy, curvy muscle!



Melt Fat, Build Sexy Curves

Unlock the key fat burning hormone that turns up the heat on your metabolism, while shifting that fat to a lean and trim sexy body!


Eat Foods You Love

Just cause you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice or suffer! Learn the key foods that tantalize taste buds and burn more fat!


Balance Hormones

Estrogen dominance can put a halt on your fat burning and your muscle building; the Carb Cycle Diet helps balance estrogen and puts you back in control of your weight loss!

Crush Cravings For Good

Eliminate temptation quickly and easily with filling and energizing foods that will halt cravings and hunger for good!

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Workout Guide

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You’ll discover how to get the lean muscular body you’ve always wanted! With tight and toned abs, a firm booty and hourglass curves. Let Lauren show you how to work hard!

Demonstration Videos

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Not sure how to do the exercises in the workout guide? You’ll learn how to perform each exercise properly with the right technique in these short mini demonstration videos.

Six Week Ab Guide

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Want a sexy six-pack? Lose your belly and firm-up your mid-section with this six-week ab program. Sculpt that fat into a sexy six-pack quickly, while still eating the foods you love!

Unleash Your Inner Goddess!

"I will admit I was terrified at the thought of changing my diet, I always ate a lot of junk food. But Lauren took the time to explain why certain foods are necessary and what they will do for me – help me build muscle on my thin frame and change my skinny fat into curvy lean muscle. Every where I go people notice how happy I am and much healthier I look. In fact, in the 6-months I used the diet and exercise plan, I gained 20 healthy lbs."

− Natalie B

"Before starting the program, I was at 140 my goal was to be at 120 and to tone my body. Within the first month of the program I was already noticing drastic and amazing changes! The training and diet programs were easy to follow and it really did amaze me to see with just small changes what a huge difference it could make!"

− Melissa M

"Lauren's background knowledge in nutrition, training and supplementation is extensive which made it comforting to know that she sure knows her stuff! Having a variety of food options means meals are never boring! If I didn't like something, I would simply choose something else. I gained muscle, dropped 15 pounds and have the tightest booty ever!"

− Carrie M

Meet Your Nutrition Guru

Lauren Jacobsen is a nutritional biochemist with over 15 years of experience in the supplement industry.
This former competitive fitness athlete and published fitness writer has inspired women to transform their bodies and live fierce!



Finally – Get the Body You Deserve!

Struggling to burn off fat, and build a lean muscular body? You’ll learn how to re-invigorate your diet
using a cyclic approach that shatters weight loss plateaus, crank up your metabolism and builds a lean curvy body!

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You’ll discover how to get the lean muscular body you’ve always wanted! With tight and toned abs,
firm booty and hourglass curves that sizzle! Let Lauren show you how to work hard and get the body you deserve.


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