30 Easy Workout Tips

workout tips
Getting a sculpted lean and muscular fit body is possible with the right tactics in place!  Need a few ideas?  Here are 30!  Try these workout tips to sculpt a fit body and bring your body to a whole new level of awesomeness!

Need a few workout tips to keep you motivated?   If you want to sculpt a curvy lean body,  it’s important to keep things fresh, constantly challenge your body and to try new things. Getting a sculpted lean and muscular fit body is possible with the right tactics in place!  Need a few ideas?  Here are 31 workout tips!  Try these workout tips to sculpt a fit body and bring your body to a whole new level of awesomeness!

30 Easy Workout Tips:

1. Have a Clearly Defined Goal

You can’t lose weight and build a sexy, lean and sculpted fitness model body, without a clear set of goals.  If you don’t have any workout goals, there’s no time like the present!  Start writing down what you want now!  Set SMART goals – specific, measurable and time bound!

2. Train For a Lean, Hard Body

It’s very hard to get lean and trim if you are not performing the right types of exercises, or are lifting like a bodybuilder!  Use high volume rep ranges and explosive circuit style training to keep your metabolism activated and your muscles engaged!

3. Set New Goals Regularly

It could be on how fast you sprint a set distance, how many reps you perform with a given weight, or how much weight you want to drop, or perhaps on what show you want to do! You can’t do the same thing over and over and expect to see any significant changes or progress. Setting new, as I like to call them DGs (DIVA GOALS) ensures success, provides motivation and a little bit of fun a long the way!

4. Don’t Forget the Need for Recovery and Rest

Not every workout can be amazing, or jam-packed with intensity, if it is you will burn out. Recover and recuperate between workouts. And don’t freak out about it. Be sure to rest up at least 48 hours between workouts that use the same muscle groups.  Don’t be afraid to take a longer break after an intense training program, such as one designed for competition.  Aim to take a week off at least every 12-weeks.

5. Don’t Drop Your Routine

If you want to know why you are failing, it’s most likely a lack of consistency. Pick the most productive exercises for your goals and become a master of that program. It’s the best way to make progress. You can’t change things randomly every week and expect to get anywhere.  Keep at it and the results will come!

6. Have a Solid Plan of Action

If you blindly head to the gym without any idea of what you will be training, you will only end up failing.  Don’t aimlessly wander around the gym thinking about what to train!  Have a plan in place, and make sure you have access to it – whether it’s in a logbook, on your smartphone or printed out on old school paper!

7. Do a Physical Warm Up Before You Start Lifting

This is a trick some of the best trainers and athletes use.  The best way to warm up for an exercise is to actually do the exercise.  Perform a light set of the exercise you are going to do.  This will get the blood flowing in the muscles.

8. Don’t Excessively Fatigue Muscles on Warm Up Sets

You want to do a physical warm-up, but you don’t want to over exhaust the muscles either. Keep the reps low to moderate; you still have your full set to blow out!

9. Don’t Lift Like a Girl

It’s important to actually feel challenged during your workout sets.  If you don’t you will not build any muscle.  And don’t be afraid that you will all of a sudden get huge like a guy either, its physically impossible for us ladies to look like men, we just don’t have enough testosterone – so keep lifting hard!

10. Squat For Glutes of Steel 

It’s an essential movement when it comes to your leg and glute development.  If you want glutes of steel, or a butt like JLO you need to squat!  There are so many variations on this exercise, it’s hard not to include it! Do it with a bar, in front or back, with dumbbells, with kettlebells or weight overhead.

11. Don’t Neglect Your Backside

It’s often said, that most fitness girls when a show based on how good their backside is!  So don’t neglect it! Squeeze those glutes at the top of every leg exercise, and push your hips forward.  This is a little trick I learned to recruit and activate every part of the glute!

12. Girls Up

Always maintain optimal posture throughout your sets.
 Never let your shoulders slouch forward or your lower back round out.  Why?  Well for one, in terms of body language it sends a negative message.  Girls up, shoulders back and neutral spine, not only will you look more confident you’ll feel more confident too!

13. Build an Hourglass Body

Focus on developing a solid v-shape that tapers down from the shoulders into a small waistline and curves outward at the quad and glutes. Create a perfectly, sculpted and sexy hour-glass! 

14. Perform a Variety of Movements

Each workout should include some type of physical warm-up, a variety of compound lifts, and  a few isolation movements using a combination of barbells, kettlebells and dumbbells, and an explosive component including plyos and dynamic movements to keep the metabolism activated!

15. Use Diva Drills

Use a combination of plyometric and core movements like jumping jacks, mountain climbers, medicine ball smashes, planks and everything in-between to get you moving and burning calories like never before.  These are essential to any workout plan.

16. Use HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training cardio should be performed 2 to 3 times per week to tap into fat burning quickly, and give you a better conditioned athletic physique!

17. Jump Often

Do a combination of jumping squats, jump lunges, high knees, jump rope, jumping jacks, and every other jumping move you can think of.  These exercises will make you more explosive but also give you more of an esthetic and better-conditioned body too.

18. Do Less Chit-Chat and More Work

 I don’t know about you but I go to the gym to train, don’t sit around waiting for your next set, or worse get into a lengthy conversation at the water fountain with that guy with the killer bod and nice smile.  Keep moving and stay focused on the task at hand!  Ear buds in and music up!

19. Do More Core Movements

Use planks, pushups, and variations to keep your core strong.  A strong core is essential to performing other movements like squats, deadlifts and overhead presses. If you are beyond the beginner level, figure out new ways to challenge yourself – place a plate on your back, perform them with one hand, on an incline, decline or using the medicine ball.

20. Decrease Your Rest Periods

Shorter rest periods can be good to keep your metabolism moving, the body only needs about 30 seconds to 60 seconds to recuperate its energy systems before it is ready to go again!

21. Workout 5 to 6 Days Each Week

Perform three different types of exercises: strength training, explosive drills and cardio.  Aim to lift 3 to 4 days, do explosive drills 2 days to focus on your core and your conditioning, and at least 3 days per week you should be doing cardio – HIIT at least 2 days and a few LISS or low intensity steady state the other days to ensure you don’t burn out!

22. Take One Day Completely Off

Every week you should take at least one day off. The body needs a break once in a while to recover and recuperate!

23. Limit Training To No More Than One Hour

Cortisol levels will start climbing. If you still have cardio to do, follow your workout with a quick replenishment of BCAAs or split your cardio and weight training workouts to other days or into two workouts.

24. Train With a Partner

Lifting with a partner who has similar goals can keep you motivated, challenged and progressing.  If you don’t have a partner to lift with get a coach!

25. Get Outside

Don’t be afraid to take your workout outside occasionally. HIIT sessions can be done on a track, using stadium stairs or even a hill!  Not to mention, challenge you in a different way, versus the flat and boring treadmill! And if you are really in the mood for something different take it to a park playground or even the beach!  If you want to really challenge those legs try running on the sand! Crank up your workout intensity and conditioning by taking it outside now and then.

26. Get Your Beauty Rest

You will not progress, build muscle or burn off fat if you are not getting enough sleep. Without sleep cortisol levels rise, and recovery is cut short! Get at least 8 hours every night.

27. Consistent Schedule

This may seem challenging, but if you really want to get the most out of your workout you need to stick to a consistent schedule.  Plan your workouts into your calendar like you would work meetings or anything else.  This will help ensure you never miss a workout!

28. Use a Pre-Workout

A pre-workout supplement can help increase workout intensity, fuel energy levels, pro-long endurance, jack-up power and keep you focused on the task at hand!  You can also have coffee!  A good coffee can work as the perfect pre-workout.

29. Yoga, Journal, Meditate

Keep stress in-control by including yoga in your workout plan, and be sure to take time each day to journal and meditate, even if it’s just 15 minutes! Relax the mind and reduce excess stress.

30. If You Want To See Even More Dramatic Results Hire Me As Your Coach

If you want some help to start incorporating any or all of these workout tips into your training today, hit me up and pretty soon it will be impossible for you to strut into a room without making all the boys heads turn.

If you have any of your own workout tips you would like to share on how to have an awesome workout, please share them in the comments below! And if you like this article do me a favour and hit the ‘like’ button below and share this post with your fellow sexy, strong and fit female friends!

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