37 Ways to Live Your Best Life

Best Life

Are you living your best life? Stuck in a job you hate, in a toxic relationship because you feel you have to be, or just too scared of the change it takes to make yourself happy?  Following the rules you think you’re supposed to follow will more times than not lead you down a predictable path of unhappiness and misery.  Time to stop being like everyone else, and start being you!

Here Are 37 Ways to Live Your Best Life:

  1. Do Something That Scares You – do something outside your comfort zone to allow you to discover what you like and what you don’t like.
  2. Be Consistent in Your Approach – consistency breeds mastery and that mastery will lead to success.
  3. Have Unwavering Belief in Yourself – no matter what you’re feeling, believe in your passions and dreams.
  4. When It Doesn’t Work, Try Something New – doing the same thing over and over will lead to the same result, change your actions and you will change the result.
  5. Never Lose Faith – don’t give up hope, positive thinking and a positive outlook attracts positive change.
  6. Fuck What Other People Want – don’t listen to negative people who only have their own agenda and are not concerned with yours.  Do what you want and make yourself happy.
  7. Hang with Like Mind Bitches – if your friends don’t have the same attitude and outlook as you, there’s a good chance you’ll end up exactly where they are – no where fast!
  8. Surround Yourself with Fit Bitches – if you want a challenge then you need to surround yourself with women that inspire you to chase your dreams, and have the same motivation and lifestyle as you.
  9. Don’t Be Afraid to Fail – everything you do, no matter if you fail or win you will learn something new – about yourself, your will to succeed and your desire to change.
  10. Fake it Till You Make It – so what if you haven’t accomplished everything yet, keep at it, put out a positive attitude, act like you’re already the Queen B and eventually you will be!
  11. Wear Red Lipstick – just put on your make-up and get out there and do it, you don’t need to be an MUA but just adding a bit of blush, a coat of mascara and some bright lips can change your attitude and your confidence.
  12. Be a Nice Bitch – You get what you fucking give. Be nice, smile, be positive, and ask questions, you never know whom you will meet or how far that kindness will go.
  13. Never Stop Learning – you’re never too old to learn something new. Read more, listen more, ask more questions, take new classes, try new things, travel more, learn a new sport, or speak a new language.
  14. Don’t Be Afraid to Jump – taking risks is the only way to challenge yourself, no matter the outcome, you will grow and learn from the experience.
  15. Leave Toxic Relationships – no matter if it’s a toxic friend you’ve known for years or a toxic boyfriend, leave that shit behind and don’t look back.  Respect and love yourself first and foremost, the right ones will find you!
  16. Have A Plan – strategize the life you want, it doesn’t need to be perfect or set in stone, but you need a plan to work toward in order to achieve and accomplish your goals.
  17. Make Time to Workout – life is busy, but without a fit body you can forget about not having the energy you need to get shit done, not to mention working out makes you sexy AF!
  18. Eat Right 80% of the Time – Life’s too short to be on a ‘diet’ 100% of the time, eat good food majority of the time, and leave that 20% for some sweet treats.
  19. Be A Bad Bitch – Consistency is important, but we all need a little fun sometimes, don’t be afraid to let go and enjoy social outings with your bad bitches.
  20. Dance Often – Music is the soundtrack of our soul, and dancing can evoke positive feel good endorphins that make us feel good from the inside out.  Go out and dance your booty off, flirt a little and have fun.
  21. Remember Age is Just A Number – Don’t get hung up on the life you were ‘supposed to have’ at such and such an age. Just cause you’re not in your 20’s anymore doesn’t mean you can’t have fun or enjoy life.
  22. Eat lots of Fresh, Natural Foods – fruits and vegetables provide a natural source of energizing nutrients we need to fuel our bodies and keep our immune systems running optimally.
  23. Squat More Often – leg training helps keep the legs tight and firm and builds a nice booty!  Leg training also increases blood flow and increases fat oxidation to areas where us ladies hold most of our body fat!
  24. Travel By Yourself – If you want to learn who you really are, and challenge yourself travel on vacation on your own to a country where you don’t speak the language! Hola, una cerveza por favor!
  25. Save Your Money – don’t give into ‘things’ you don’t need, sure its great to spoil yourself occasionally with a great pair of shoes or a nice bag, but it’s not necessary to overindulge all the time. Your bank account will thank you later. Trade meaningless ‘things’ for incredible life experiences.
  26. Drink Great Coffee – yep coffee is full of good benefits, can help stimulate metabolism and keep us energized and focused.
  27. Have Sexy Time – ladies drop the guilt you associate with sex and start enjoying it, sex releases feel good endorphins and can be pleasurable when we allow ourselves to feel that way!
  28. Be a Bitch – when something is important to you, don’t be afraid to stand your ground, be assertive and speak your mind.
  29. Go After What You Really Want– no one is going to hand it to you – so stop bitching about why it’s not working or won’t work and start taking action to go for it.
  30. Think Less, Do More – get out of your head, and start taking measurable actions. Most of us spend too much time in our heads thinking about why it won’t work instead of spending that energy on positive actions.
  31. Live Abroad – learn a new culture, explore the world, get out, meet new people and experience life.  I lived in Dubai for 6 years, living a completely new life, with new experiences!
  32. Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself – it won’t help to feel sorry for yourself, or lead you in a positive direction, pick yourself up and go in a new direction.
  33. Get Outside – don’t be scared to take your workouts to the beach, go for a run, join a boot camp in the park, go for a run in the snow.
  34. Have Lazy Days – it’s ok to take a break, we all have bad days and need to unwind recover and re-charge.
  35. Build Lean Curves – a lean muscular body will keep your metabolism up, enhance fat oxidation, while also helping you feel more confident.
  36. Do Yoga and Meditate – stress is killer, it can trigger a response that blocks fat burning, breaks down muscle and can effect our immune system. Yoga and mediation can help reduce cortisol, balance hormones and keep us focused and centred.
  37. Always Have More Than One Hustle – relying on others is not a smart way to live your life, find multiple ways to make your passion profitable.

Until Next Time,

Be Fierce & Rule the World!

Lauren Jacobsen

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