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Hi, I’m Lauren! I started this blog to help empower women to be sexy, fit and fierce!

If you want real advice that cuts through the clutter, let my 20 plus years of experience in nutrition, supplements and fitness guide you. I’ve helped 1000’s of women just like you burn off fat, build curves and become the fierce women they’re meant to be.

This blog delivers my uncensored truth bombs, tips and tricks about how to eat healthy, slow the aging process and how to workout and hustle to get the body and life you really want.

You’ve Come to the Right Place if You Have Ever Asked Yourself…

  • What diet and which foods do I need to eat to balance hormones, burn fat and get the body I want?
  • How can I sculpt sexy curves without spending hours in the gym?
  • Is it possible to build muscle in your 40s?
  • How can I slow the aging process and keep my skin and body healthy and sexy from the inside out?
  • Which supplements should I be taking daily? Do I need supplements?
  • What is the best skin routine to stop aging?
  • How can I re-gain my confidence?
  • How can I max out my energy, love life and be more happy?

So Why Should You Listen to Me?

  • I am a 40-something, ‘sexy, strong, fit’ female juggling a career, fitness, social life, healthy diet and everything in-between
  • I do back up my beauty and body with a brain – holding a degree in Biochemistry with an emphasis on sports nutrition
  • I have formulated a ton of weight loss and muscle-building products for some of the biggest supplement companies in the world
  • I climbed the corporate ladder, have run departments, helped start-ups grow their businesses and had a kick-ass consulting company
  • I broke through the male dominant ‘meat-head’ glass ceiling in the sports supplement industry – and was one of the first women to work within R&D developing products and brands
  • For the last five years I was the Nutrition Director for a well-established healthy food company in Dubai designing menus and healthy meal plans for 1000’s of clients
  • I have written a ton of informative nutrition articles and been featured in Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Ahlan!, Fitness Rx for Women, Oxygen, Inside Fitness, Better Health, Women’s Health & Fitness, Strong, Live Healthy, Friday, Connector, BBC Good Food, The National, Gulf News, Time Out Dubai and Time Out Abu Dhabi.
  • I was the co-host of the US syndicated TV show BodyFuel, where I discussed supplements and nutrition
  • I spent 10 years of my life as a pretty successful figure competitor with the IFBB; now I like to smash pads – I train Muay Thai, Boxing and still enjoy a hard weight training sesh!

When I started this blog it was with the goal to motivate and empower women to live a sexy, strong and fit life. And although that is still my goal, as I have matured with this blog, I realized that it’s all about motivating women to stay fit, healthy and feel sexy, strong and fit – no matter what their age!

I also noticed that there were not many blogs for women my age – at least not ones that were talking about the things I was dealing with or interested in from an uncensored, honest or positive approach – hormone changes, cellulite, botox, sagging skin, divorce, weight loss, dating, stress, diets, workouts, implants, surgery, IVF, etc. I could go on.

There was this whole group of women that were being ignored – despite the amount of healthy, fit and active 35 plus, even 40 plus women there are; there are few blogs speaking to their needs, how they feel about aging, how they keep healthy and stay fit no matter the obstacles.

In fact most are negative and de-motivating, and pin you into some kind of category that either has you gardening, baking or doing diy home projects. Yikes!

I mean I’m 43, but I feel younger, sexier, cooler and more confident than I ever thought I would. I still go out, I still workout, I still eat well, travel and I still don’t look my age. I feel empowered, energetic – and I want to continue to feel that way, and I’m pretty sure there are other women my age that feel that way too.

Sexy, Strong, Fit is all about providing women with quick and easy solutions to maintain a healthy, fit and happy lifestyle via nutrition tips, healthy recipes, anti-aging secrets, quick workouts, beauty solutions and honest life advice!

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I’m all about balance, most of the time my macros equal out to 40% protein and 30% of each carbs and veg. I like to hold the carbs back for beach season though. I don’t do diets per say and although I do monitor my calories, If I go over them I’m not gonna cry about it either.

After 10 years, of restrictive dieting for competition, I refuse to seriously limit myself for anything. Abs are way overrated and take way too much effort and enjoyment out of my life, especially after age 35! Been there done that, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want you to have them!

I’m huge advocate for eating fresh, healthy and wholesome foods. I eat an abundance of plants, but also love my proteins too – no I’m not a flexitarian. I eat organic when possible and avoid food nasties like preservatives and sugar! That’s not to say I don’t enjoy my treats – cause I do! Kale in one hand, Martini in the other.

As for my workouts, I certainly don’t lift iron like I use to. Nor do I have any desire to either. I train for function and health these days. I lift weights to keep my curves tight and my body fit.

I also like a good challenge, so I took up Muay Thai and boxing three years ago, and although I’ll never be a fighter, I certainly feel a lot more like Wonder Woman, what a confidence booster! Not bad for over 40!

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I can’t give away all my secrets, but I will say eating healthy, working out regularly, having less stress and more balance are key! Want the full story – subscribe here. I’ll send you my five top tips for anti-aging.

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Go to ‘Ask Lauren’ and drop me a line.

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Let me show you how to find the time to get the body and life you want while balancing a full-time job, while being a mom, while managing a busy, hectic schedule, while trying to hustle hard for what you believe in! Go to ‘Work With Me’ or ‘Ask Lauren’ here.

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