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20 Minute Booty Band Workout

Here’s a simple, booty band workout you can perform at home or bring it to the gym!  These exercise are designed to give you a full leg and glute workout.  This workout will improve your legs and booty quickly and help build your core too!  Ready – let’s go!

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How to Build Muscle For Women

In this post, I am going to cover five muscle building mistakes to avoid.  These are the most common mistakes that women make when trying to build muscle. Plus, I’m also sharing a few ways that you can maximize your natural testosterone levels and fuel muscle growth with smart nutrition so you can build the tight, sculpted curvy body you desire!

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6 Foods to Ease PMS Symptoms

In this post, I’m talking you through why PMS makes us crave certain foods and eat more, as well as what foods can help you ease those symptoms.  Here are five foods to help you ease PMS symptoms, stay in control of your diet, boost mood and banish bloating!

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8 Key Steps to Get a Lean Body Fast

Over the years, I have collected, researched, and experimented on myself via years of competition dieting and training, as well with clients on what works for women and what doesn’t,  so in this post, I’m sharing 8 key steps on how you can turbo charge your results to a lean  body.

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7 Reasons Women Should Build Muscles

Many women still believe that being skinny, not muscular is more attractive to the opposite sex and that lifting weights will make them appear too big, too powerful and ultimately not feminine.  Really?  Are there still women out there who want to be skinny bitches? There are like a million reasons why women should lift weights and want muscle, well not a million but here are seven you should consider.

Kettlebell Lower Body Workout
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Kettlebell Lower Body Workout

This kettlebell lower body workout is a perfect way to get a quick full leg workout in, while also burning a ton of calories too.  This workout incorporates both aerobic and strength training moves and depending on the weight of the kettlebell can also build power too!  Kettlebells are extremely versatile for leg training and great for the posterior chain – the glutes, hamstrings and erector spinae.  This workout is perfect for a quick home workout with just one kettlebell!

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