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slay queen
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How to Be a Slay Queen!

Work can be extremely challenging if you’re bored AF and hate your job.  What can you do to change your mind-set?  Find progress in the process!  Use these four tips to keep your slay game strong, while also learning how to strategize for what’s next and be your own slay queen!

detox your life
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13 Ways to Detox Your Life

Too many late nights, bad food binges and skipping workouts.  Days of excess can turn into weeks and if you’re not careful months of abuse on the body.  The result – fatigue, weight gain, depressed mood and bad sleep.  Get your life back on track with a full on detox for your body and your mind.

exercise benefits
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Why Exercise is Better than Xanax

Exercise is perhaps one of the best things you can do for yourself next to eating healthy, when it comes to improving your mood – feeling happy and energetic. Forget about popping pills, exercise has both short and long lasting mood and cognitive boosting action on the brain. Here’s how exercise is better than xanax; and how to get the most out of your exercise plan.

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