27 Ways to Be a Hot Babe This Year

The reality is most bad habits take serious amounts of action to change and real goals don’t just happen without a lot of work. So what to do? If you definitely want this year to be better than last year,  here are 27 ways to be a hot babe and make positive changes that will stick this new years.

It’s that time of year again, time to say fuck you 2021 and make a shit load of new resolutions that you have no intention of keeping. I promise to workout more, drink less, lose weight, eat better, stop hanging out with fuckboys, save more money, blah, blah, blah. If you’re a smart bitch you probably have realized a long time ago that New Years resolutions are bullshit and don’t translate into a better life once the clock strikes midnight. The reality is most bad habits take serious amounts of action to change and real goals don’t just happen without a lot of work. So what to do? If you definitely want this year to be better than last year,  here are 27 ways to be a hot babe and make positive changes that will stick this new years.

How to Get What You Want This New Years:

  1. But First – Fuck Your New Years Resolutions – 50% of people that make New Year’s resolutions fail miserably. Why? Because they’re not ready to actually devote that much positive energy into making a huge life change from their comfortable bad habits. Instead of making a resolution you know you can’t keep, make a change you can stick with.  Set realistic and achievable goals. Take baby steps to make small changes that will result in better success and will ultimately motivate you further to continue making more positive changes. Instead of committing to losing 20 lbs, start with 5, once that’s achieved make another goal. Over time those small changes will add up to bigger changes. #fucknewyearnewyou
  2. Get to Know Yourself – be honest, do you really know who you are? Or are you just too scared to find out? Once you face reality, you’ll know what you’re up against and know where you need to start making changes. Positive affirmation shit doesn’t work if you don’t really believe what you’re telling yourself.  Understanding yourself and improving your current situation is what will lead to realistic and sustainable positive changes overtime.
  3. Visualize Your Day – visualization can help to plan a successful day and a successful life. Visualize your tasks for the day, who’ll you meet, how you’ll interact and engage them. Visualize all the details, what you need to achieve and anything else that’s important for you to move forward. Without visualization your day is left to chance and circumstance. Take control over your life by starting with achieving what you want each day. Don’t believe me, give it a try and watch what happens.
  4. Fail Army No More – did you make resolutions and big plans that failed miserably? Make a new plan but this time make it with realistic goals. Chop those goals down into smaller goals with timelines that are achievable. Be realistic with your time commitments and what is feasible based on your current situation. If you know you have no time to put toward a goal, why is it even on the list? #keepitsimplestupid
  5. Give Out Positive Vibes – positive breeds positive, give it out to anyone and everyone, even to those with a shit attitude toward you. A positive attitude can be like a mirror, it reflects back. Don’t let others negativity be the downer on your mood this year, change how you see the world and what you take from your experiences. Being positive will boomerang back!
  6. Get Out of Your Head – about 90% of the thoughts you have every day are the same thoughts you had the day before, and the day before that. Same thoughts equal the same choices, behaviours and emotions. If you want to seriously make a change in your life this year, stop thinking and doing the same things. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again knowing you’ll get the same result. Plan new activities, have new experiences that will let you interact with new people and have new thoughts. Change requires re-wiring your brain, which requires new habits  and new actions to do so.
  7. Live in the Here and Now – be mindful of your physical, emotional and mental state moment by moment. Time is fleeting; living in the moment as events unfold is the best way to live a life without regret. Forget about the past which you can’t change, or the future that hasn’t happened – all that you can be accountable for is the here and now.
  8. Have More Fruit and Veggies But Don’t Forget the Protein – fruit and veggies are full of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fibre we need to remove toxins, metabolize other foods and prevent disease too, but that doesn’t mean we should skimp on the other important parts of a healthy balanced diet either! Don’t forget to include ample amounts of protein too like red meat, whole eggs, poultry and fish. Protein not only keeps our muscles pumped they also provide certain nutrients you just can’t get enough of from anywhere else such as creatine – our energy providing nutrient that fuels muscles, iron – critical for blood production and B-12 an important energizing nutrient.  A healthy balanced diet keeps us energized and ready to take on the world.
  9. Don’t Give into Stupid Trends – just because you saw it on Netflix doesn’t mean it’s true or should woke you out of your current beliefs. Ask more questions, read more, research your ideals and live life by your sense of morals; don’t just jump on the first thing you see or read because it’s trending and cool. The more educated you are, the more you’ll see through the bullshit and be able to make your own smart decisions and choices.
  10. Slay Smarter – don’t just work hard, work smart. If you want a better job, want to make more money and advance your career, chances are its not going to sort itself out. Taking on more challenging projects and asking for more work won’t guarantee that either. Maybe this is the year to think about switching gears and finding a new job or carving out a new path. Change in your career, although it won’t be easy, may lead to more satisfaction and fulfillment in the long run, especially if you’re miserable as fuck. Perhaps its time to finally go at it alone, or at least jump from a boring hate your life job to something you have passion and conviction for.  Be a boss babe!
  11. Learn How to Be a Savage Bitch – Let this be the year that you learn how to tell people to STFU – in a nice way of course. Holding on to thoughts, grudges and opinions won’t get you anywhere fast. If someone did or said something that up-set you tell them in a constructive manner to shut the fuck up. Hold your ground, back up your opinion with smart thought and don’t let anyone walk on you. #youfuckinwithasavage
  12. Sleep More – sleep is a powerful remedy for the body and the mind. Sleep rejuvenates the body, helps restore hormone levels and keeps your metabolism moving. Without proper sleep your hormones are whack, the body won’t recover properly, cravings for sugar and sweets surge leading to inevitable weight gain! Instead of just getting by on 6-hours, get off social media, stop binge watching series and get to bed earlier – aim for at least 8 hours every day.
  13. Take Time Out to Peace Out – Stress can be killer, especially if you’re unaware that you’re drowning in it. Don’t let stress get the better of you, take breaks away from work and learn to see what’s really important. Taking time out gives you perspective, not to mention de-stressing can lower cortisol. Too much cortisol can cause muscle loss, slowed fat burning and even lower immunity. Can’t take as many vacas as you’d like, do yoga, exercise more, or be like me and kick and punch something – find other ways to release anxiety and stress before it builds up too much.
  14. Drop False Expectations of Yourself – if you don’t know who you are it can be hard to be realistic in what you can achieve and what you can’t. Some of us are born leaders, while others are much more comfortable out of the spotlight, it doesn’t make it wrong or bad, we all have our own roles to play in life. Find out what makes you burn with desire, what you have passion for and find a way to make that happen. The sooner you see who you are the more successful and happy you’ll be.
  15. Don’t Spend Money on Meaningless Shit – forget about materialistic shit that won’t mean shit. Save a little more in your bank account. Have a goal and stick to it. Start a small business, save for travel or property, or maybe just for a rainy day. Paper may not buy happiness but it sure does pay for all those experiences you want to have.
  16. Build a Power Network – it’s great to have a job you love but if you don’t have a network you really got nothing when it comes time to do something else. Learn how to build relationships that can help build your career for the future. It’s hard to find a new path or start something new without a supportive network behind you. Connect the dots, the more you share your experiences with others the more connections you can make that may lead you on your next path.  Remember most people don’t find their next job on linkedin but via the network they built up over time. #thinksmart
  17. Explore the World – feeling less than fulfilled, nothing like a little travel to exotic parts of the world than to renew your motivation and zest for life. Travel can allow for inner reflection on your current status. Traveling to places out of your comfort zone can make you become more appreciative of what you’ve accomplished and where you’ve come from. Don’t do it for the instagram selfies to make your inner circle jelly, do it for the sense of fulfillment you’ll get after. Put your pennies away for at least one travel destination per year.
  18. Workout Less, Work on Yourself More – yes exercise should always be a part of your weekly routine. But too much exercise can also fill time instead of using it to accomplish something else – like dealing with your shit. It’s easy to get caught up and lose sight, anything to avoid something you don’t want to deal with. I’m guilty! Exercise can be used as a time to reflect and give clarity, but if your always reflecting and not actioning change – that’s a problem.   Limit your workouts to 4 or 5 times per week, of intense all out balls to the walls training, and the rest of those days in the week – try working on yourself!
  19. Fuck Diets and Macro Calculating – it’s important to eat a balanced diet, full of plenty of whole fresh foods and within your calorie limits, but it’s also important to enjoy life. If you’re constantly calculating every single macro of your food, avoiding social gatherings for fear of food, or are just miserable constantly being on a diet, don’t do it. Eat wisely; use approximate measurements – like a fist for your protein and a thumb for fats. If you must diet for a purpose than do it with conviction, but also know that balance is more important for a healthy lifestyle than diets that are too restrictive and unsustainable.  Use the 80/20 rule.  80% of the time eat a healthy diet, but the remaining 20% have some indulgences that make you happy.  Get a coach to help you along the way!
  20. Mentor a Mini Bitch – being a mentor is a great way to help give back and give guidance to those young ones that are just figuring out what direction to go with their life. Just think of what you’ve accomplished, struggled with or been through, being a mentor to a younger version of yourself is a great way to push and help sculpt a strong little #minibitchsophie
  21. Surround Yourself with True Bitches – life will take you on a rollercoaster, who will stand beside you when it really matters will show you who is worth your time and who is not, build a tribe of true friends you can count on, fuck the rest. Drop the negative naysayers and spend more time with the quality boss babes that bring you up. After all you are a product of your environment and who you spend your time with, don’t waste it on time-sucking vampires.
  22. Have a Little Gratitude – perhaps one of the best ways to live in the present is to have gratitude for everything that happened last year. Take some time to reflect on both the positive and negative experiences that happened over the year. Did you learn a new skill? Meet someone new? Start a new job? Travel to somewhere you’ve never been? Did something happen to change your path? Have gratitude for the good and the bad, move forward on a positive note in this new year.
  23. Make Wiser Choices – think twice about the bad choices you think you’re going to make, and spend more time on the things that matter most – you’re family, friends and things that will give you something positive in return. Don’t waste time, money, or emotional energy on shit that doesn’t give back and won’t matter in 5 years. Take calculated risks that result in more positive outcomes. #beasmartbitch
  24. Get Rid of Fuckboys – sometimes we forget our morals and values for the sake of a good fuck, but if you really want a lasting relationship that will stand the test of time cut out the assholes and fuckboys and learn how to stay in your own lane. Focus on your goals, and don’t get twisted up in bullshit, live your fabulous life and the right man will find you sooner than later.
  25. Unplug More – social media can be like a virus, sucking your time and energy. Instead, shut it off and use your time more effectively. More likes on a post won’t bring you more happiness but talking to someone and developing a real relationship will. Learn how to unplug from stuff that doesn’t matter and do something more productive.
  26. Be True to Your Word – be a stand up person, if you say it, mean it, stick to it. Don’t make promises you can’t keep and don’t say things you can’t take back. Be a person of substance, stand for what you say and mean what you say.
  27. Don’t Be So Serious – remember no one is perfect; everyone goes through the same struggles in life at some point. Don’t take yourself too seriously, laugh out loud at your mistakes, smile with your heart, give graciously, be a warrior and fight for what you want!

Until Next Time,

Be Fierce & Rule the World,

Lauren Jacobsen

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