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Healthy Eggs
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6 Ways to Eat Eggs

Most of us reserve eggs for just breakfast, but there are a variety of ways to eat eggs that can easily be incorporated into any healthy meal prep.  Here are six ways to consider eating eggs. 

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Chocolate PB Coconut Protein Bites

When it comes to adding protein to your diet, every bite counts!  These delicious protein bites are loaded in energizing ingredients that will keep you going.  Perfect for an easy on-the-go snack, paired with coffee or your favourite hot bevy.  Best part, the ingredients are easily interchangeable.  Mix your fave flavours and ingredients to get the protein bites you love best. 

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Healthy Chicken Shawarma

When you think of Chicken Shawarma, you probably don’t think of the word healthy!  But it certainly can be, it’s all in the prep and the ingredients. You can have healthy chicken shawarma – choose white meat over dark meat, use olive oil, reduce the dairy and bake or grill your chicken.  Here’s my version of Healthy Chicken Shawarma with Gluten Free Tabouleh and Coconut Yoghurt Tahini. 

fit meal planning
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5 Steps to Fit Meal Planning

Want a fit body? Simple use these five steps to fit meal planning! Contrary to popular belief you do not have to starve yourself to get a fit curvy body, it just takes following the right meal planning ahead of time!

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