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8 Key Steps to Get a Lean Body Fast

Over the years, I have collected, researched, and experimented on myself via years of competition dieting and training, as well with clients on what works for women and what doesn’t,  so in this post, I’m sharing 8 key steps on how you can turbo charge your results to a lean  body.

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How to Be Fat, Skinny & Average

Building a lean curvy body, kicking ass like a badass and having a fulfilling life takes dedication, time, a whole lot of passion and a little bravery too! So if you want to be like everyone else, keep reading; no you don’t, but keep reading.  

Badass Habits
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11 Badass Habits to Start Your Day

The first part of the day can easily getaway from you if you roll out of bed every morning without a care in the world.  Throw something on, eat the first thing you see and just barely make it to work on time, still half in a daze.  Make your day more productive, kickstart your day with these 11 badass habits.  You may not want to incorporate all of them, but just a few will get you moving in the right direction!

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30 Easy Workout Tips

Getting a sculpted lean and muscular fit body is possible with the right tactics in place!  Need a few ideas?  Here are 30!  Try these workout tips to sculpt a fit body and bring your body to a whole new level of awesomeness!

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