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6 Healthy Holiday Appetizers

It’s that time of year again, time to gather with the family and rejoice the season with of course lots of tantalizing food.  Instead of opting for the traditional eats, why not make a delightful appetizer that reduces the carbs and calories and packs some fibre too!  Try these six healthy holiday appetizers for your next festive get together. 

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Easy Ways to Boost Your Daily Fibre Intake

You have probably heard that daily fibre intake is an important part of a healthy diet.  What’s more foods high in fiber are not hard to find, in fact many can be found in the foods you are probably already familiar with!  But despite this fact many of us still do not get enough fibre in our diet.  In fact, most consume less than 50% of the recommended dietary fibre in-take needed for good health!  So, what exactly are the health benefits of fibre? Keep reading to find out everything you have ever needed to know about your daily fibre intake,  how much you need and how to get more of it!

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Three Healthy Reasons to Eat More Nuts

Nuts have a bad reputation when it comes to weight loss – mostly for their high calories and high fat content, but actually there are a few healthy reasons why you should eat more of them.  If you’re a nut lover, and just can’t put them down when it comes to dieting,  here’s three healthy reasons why you should include this delicious food in your diet.

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How to Build Muscle For Women

In this post, I am going to cover five muscle building mistakes to avoid.  These are the most common mistakes that women make when trying to build muscle. Plus, I’m also sharing a few ways that you can maximize your natural testosterone levels and fuel muscle growth with smart nutrition so you can build the tight, sculpted curvy body you desire!

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How to Hack Your Metabolism With Lumen

For the past four weeks I’ve been using the Lumen device.  The first device that apparently ‘hacks your metabolism’.  I wanted to use Lumen, partly to see how the device works, but also to see if Lumen could help someone like me – a seasoned dieter, nutritionist, healthy eater and former athlete! 

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