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how to build a better salad
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How to Build A Better Salad

There is a better way to make a salad that doesn’t involve heavy, calorie-filled dressings and the same boring ingredients. The best salads combine flavour and lots of good-for-you ingredients without being over the top in calories. Here’s six steps to build a better salad.

matcha chia seed pudding
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Matcha Chia Seed Pudding With Chocolate & Pistachios

Matcha chia seed pudding could be the perfect combination of energy and antioxidants!  Matcha provides a source of polyphenols and caffeine, while chia seed provides a source of omega-3 and protein.  Add the rich, dark chocolate top and chopped pistachios, for a real sweet treat. Perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up, sweet breakfast or even a nice satisfying calorie reduced desert! 

protein power bowls
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How to Build A Protein Power Bowl

The ultimate protein power bowl will combine protein, carbs, fresh veggies and healthy fats.  A macro mix of ingredients selected to your taste and liking!  Use these easy steps to build your very own healthy protein power bowl to help meet your nutrition needs – fuel your muscles and maintain a healthy and sexy lean body!

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