What Inspired Sexy, Strong Fit?

When I started this blog it was with the goal to motivate and empower women to live a sexy, strong and fit life. And although that is still my goal, as I have matured with this blog, I realized that it’s all about motivating women to stay fit, healthy and feel sexy, strong and fit – no matter what their age!

I also noticed that there were not many blogs for women my age – at least not ones that were talking about the things I was dealing with or interested in from an uncensored, honest or positive approach – hormone changes, cellulite, botox, sagging skin, divorce, weight loss, dating, stress, diets, workouts, implants, surgery, IVF, etc. I could go on.

There was this whole group of women that were being ignored – despite the amount of healthy, fit and active 35 plus, even 40 plus women there are; there are few blogs speaking to their needs, how they feel about aging, how they keep healthy and stay fit no matter the obstacles.

In fact most are negative and de-motivating, and pin you into some kind of category that either has you gardening, baking or doing diy home projects. Yikes!

I mean I’m 43, but I feel younger, sexier, cooler and more confident than I ever thought I would. I still go out, I still workout, I still eat well, travel and I still don’t look my age. I feel empowered, energetic – and I want to continue to feel that way, and I’m pretty sure there are other women my age that feel that way too.

Sexy, Strong, Fit is all about providing women with quick and easy solutions to maintain a healthy, fit and happy lifestyle via nutrition tips, healthy recipes, anti-aging secrets, quick workouts, beauty solutions and honest life advice!

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