What’s In Your Protein Powder?

When considering a protein powder most people look for the basics, something that provides an adequate amount of protein, a low amount of carbs and fat and of course something that tastes good.  However, there is so much more to consider and with so many options available it can be hard to know what exactly you should look for or expect.

Working in the supplement industry for over 15 years, formulating and researching products and ingredients, I can tell you from first hand experience, there are plenty of products out there that are overpromising and under delivering.  What’s more, many don’t provide any additional benefit, that is until I tried N8KED Calorie + Shake, which goes well beyond your basic needs.  Here’s a review on N8KED Calorie + Shake’s protein formula.

High Quality Protein Powder

Calorie + Shake uses an ultra pure grass fed whey protein isolate that provides a higher concentration of the Branched Chain Amino Acid – Leucine.  This amino acid is vital to recovery and rebuilding.  Grass fed whey, also delivers a higher content of the healthy omega-3 fat, vitamin E and B and minerals calcium, magnesium and potassium.

No Additives, Fillers & Low Allergens

Calorie + Shake contains only ingredients found in nature with minimal processing.  You won’t find preservatives, artificial ingredients, colors, flavors or even GMOs (genetically modified ingredients).  Plus, all N8KED products are manufactured in NSF certified facilities using the highest standards of safety, quality and efficacy.  In addition, Calorie + Shake is low allergen and doesn’t contain soy, lactose, gluten or peanut.

Patented Colostrum

Calorie + Shake provides patented HIgGH Gold Bovine ColostrumTM a highly purified colostrum, which can support healthy immune and inflammation responses, GI balance and even muscle recovery.  Most proteins don’t include colostrum and if they do, they use small amounts of colostrum that won’t deliver on the benefits. Calorie + Shake delivers 2.5 g of researched based colostrum that provides 1.2 g of active immunoglobulin G (IgG).

Patented Probiotics

Calorie + Shake provides an ultra stable, natural spore-forming, patented probiotic, Ganeden BC30 that survives passage to the gut. This specific strain of Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086 has been shown in clinical research to support digestive health, immune function and protein utilization and absorption.  Each serving of N8KED provides 2 Billion CFUs per serving.

MCTs from Whole Coconut

Coconut is a natural source of MCTs (medium chain triglycerides), which may benefit weight loss, body composition and metabolism.  Since MCTs are made up of shorter chain length triglycerides, these can easily be digested and used for energy as well as in the production of the secondary energy source – ketones.  Some proteins do contain MCTs but the sources are usually from fractionated oils and bound to other ingredients.

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Third Party Quality Testing

Calorie + Shake is independently quality-tested in a third party lab for all heavy metals and impurities, along with testing the integrity of formula ingredients for potency. Third party testing means that the product labels and claims have been verified by an objective independent source.

Superior Taste, Superior Protein Powder

In addition to the high quality ingredients and clean formula, Calorie + Shake also tastes amazing and it doesn’t use sweeteners or artificial flavors either.  If you’re looking for a superior protein to help get your daily protein fix, plus the added benefits of patented colostrum and probiotics all in one scoop, look no further than N8KED Calorie + Shake.  Want more information on N8KED visit www.n8ked.com or on IG @getn8ked.

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