How to Stay Fit Over Forty: 8 Health Habits to Follow

fit over forty
A woman’s body goes through changes in her forties - most if not all of these changes are related to one key factor – hormones. Our metabolism takes a hit, fat burning slows down; our perky boobs start to drop and our once tight skin begins to become saggy and dry! Here's a few tips to stay fit over forty!

A woman’s body goes through changes in her forties – most if not all of these changes are related to one key factor – her hormones.  As the body changes they begin to affect the chemistry of the body. The metabolism takes a hit, fat burning slows down; our perky boobs start to drop and our once tight skin begins to become saggy and dry! Staying fit over forty is vital to keep healthy for the long run.

Here’s How to Stay Fit Over Forty!

BUT FIRST!  What Happens When You Reach the BIG 4-0!

  • Metabolism Slows Down – lower estrogen levels mean less fat burning is happening, which means you need to be more cognizant of your diet and your workout routine then before, you can no longer get away with eating whatever the hell you want. Stick to a good balanced diet, and consider putting a calorie restriction to your eating! You don’t need to count calories but you should be well aware of your portions.
  • Skin Changes – as estrogen drops, skin can become dry, add on loss of collagen and the wrinkle factor goes way up! Not to mention increases your chances of cellulite. This occurs from a breakdown of the skin walls as fat begins to break through – #sendhelpfast. Staying active and lifting weights is your number one defence.
  • Hangovers Get Harder – yep, if you feel like a night out takes you 3x as long to recover as when you were in your 20’s it’s because its true! The liver has a harder time processing chemicals – no matter what the source. Consider less frequent socializing.
  • More Grey Hair – a few grey hairs will turn into many, quickly! There’s not so much that can be done to prevent grey hair, so if you’re not willing to accept it, consider finding a good colourist. But, grey hair can show through in as little as 4-weeks after you get your roots done.
  • Sex Drive Slump – you’ll probably notice a drop in your libido as your hormones change for the next stage of your life.  Your fertility will also start to drop too.

Why Is Staying Fit Over Forty Important?

  1. Boosts Mood – it’s important to keep active.  Working out keeps your brain tuned-in, elevating your feel good neurotransmitters – serotonin and norepinephrine, but it also keeps your neurons firing and wiring.
  2. Helps You Sleep – exercise can help burn energy and help to relieve stress and anxiety translating into deeper, longer and more restful sleeps.
  3. Keeps You Lean and Trim – burns calories and helps with production of leptin, but also adrenaline – which can help control fat burning and hunger.
  4. Builds Sexy Muscle – lifting iron keeps your muscles firm and prevents sagging not to mention the more lean mass the greater your metabolic rate.
  5. Protects Your Bones – as we get older, we’re at greater risk for losing bone mass, and increasing chances of osteoporosis later in life, lifting weights helps maintain bone density.
  6. Charges Up Your Sex Life – exercise keeps the blood moving and keeps us fit for sex, not to mention can help activate our sleepy hormones and keep them at healthy levels.

How to Stay Fit Over Forty? 8 Healthy Habits to Follow Now!

  1. Eat a Balanced & Fresh Diet – stay away from fad diets, eat a balanced diet constructed from fresh, whole and natural foods. Stay away from sugar and processed food. Include plenty of vegetables and fruits. Eat whole protein sources such as chicken, fish and lean meat.  And don’t skimp on the fats – choose from nuts, seeds, avocados and olives.  A balanced diet can help maintain healthy hormone levels.
  2. Make Fitness a Priority – fitness should be a part of your healthy lifestyle, that means you make fitness a priority over other habits, go for a workout, instead of a drink after work.  Schedule a weekend of hiking instead of club hopping or beach clubs. Choose fit socializing – go for a beach run, join a fitness group – Cross Fit, Martial Arts, or consider doing a race with a team. Include your family and your friends. Anything to lessen your odds of not making fitness a priority.
  3. Lift Weights and Do Cardio – we need both. Weights keep our muscles tight and our bones strong; while cardio keeps our heart healthy. Need motivation – get a coach, find a training partner or join a class that incorporates both.
  4. Regular Health Checks – its essential, over the age of forty we need to be more aware of what’s going on in our body. Be sure to get regular check-ups including a mamo and pap!
  5. Stress Less – in our forties we tend to do a lot of self-evaluation and reflection. We all go through shit, and have our own battles to face. Not to mention it seems to be the time in our life we have lots to handle – work, family and money commitments. It can be hard to keep everything balanced. Meditation, yoga and stress breaks can keep you balanced and centered on what’s important.  Detox often!
  6. Get Outside More Often – nature keeps us centered, stay outside, don’t spend your life behind a desk, go for a walk, hike a mountain, or snowboard one!
  7. Keep Your Mind and Body Active – as important as it is to keep our bodies active at 40, it’s also important to keep our mind fit too. Spend time reading, learning and something new.
  8. Don’t Act Your Age –  you’ll start to feel old real fast, if you focus on your age, of course you have responsibilities as you get older, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.  Stay fit, active and healthy and you’ll be looking and feeling younger than forty!

Until Next Time,

Be Fierce & Rule the World,

Lauren Jacobsen

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