How to Be a Slay Queen!

Slaying all day and night but having a hard time maintaining your focus? Work can be extremely challenging if you’re bored AF and hate your job.  What can you do to change your mind-set?  Become a slay queen!  Find progress in the process!  Use these four tips to keep your slay game strong, while also learning how to strategize for what’s next and be your own slay queen!

How To Be A Slay Queen!

1.    Focus on the Exit Strategy

No matter if you’re starting your first job or your tenth, your mindset should never be this would be my last job. Your strategy should be – what do I need to learn in the next 2 to 3 years that will take me to the next level.

That doesn’t even mean you need to work for someone else, perhaps you want to work for yourself. Regardless if you don’t challenge yourself with different tasks and different projects it will be even more of a challenge moving up the corporate climb or going at it alone if you stay stagnant in the same spot.

Seek out projects that will teach you new skills. Don’t pick tasks that polish the skills you already have. Deliberately pick tasks that are challenging, and if there isn’t a project that will do that, make one up – what can help the company save money, time or bring in new customers.

In my first ‘real’ job, I went from simple research girl to boss babe presenting new product concepts to the board within just 3 years. I didn’t stay in one place; I learned what I needed and kept moving up the ladder. I learned each facet of the business – from product development, all the way to the other side branding and advertising.  This experience expanded my skill set, but I also learned what I liked and didn’t like and ultimately the next direction I wanted to move my career toward.

2.    Don’t Be So Fucking Serious – Enjoy the Process

Yes, work just like the rest of life is just play when it really comes down to it. It’s ultimately about progressing and also being a bit patient.   We all need to work in order to make money, but that doesn’t mean we need to take it so serious, and if you do, you’re doing it all wrong!

If you really hate your job, find another one. Can’t stand working for someone else, have a plan in place, put your pennies away, slay away in your spare time and create something that will bring you fulfillment and paper for the bank.

Enjoy the process! Some days will be amazing, others will be challenging and trust me when I say, not everything you get to do in your job will be fun, even if you love your job. Patience in the tedious and repetitive and challenges in the obstacles, but every experience will teach you something about life, people and work.

3.    Passion in the Poison

If you’re 9 to 5 has you counting down the minutes, then you better make a change fast. Think about it – if you’re spending 8 hours or more at a job everyday that you hate, have no passion and are bored AF, there’s no way you’ll keep your focus.

Throughout my career, I have only once worked a job I completely hated, ok maybe that’s not entirely true, I’ve probably had a few jobs I couldn’t stand but for the most part I was always planning for my passion and finding work related to my love for fitness and nutrition.

I took a degree that would solidify my gains in the supplement industry; I worked what seemed like insignificant retail jobs in a supplement store, and even worked part time as a personal trainer just so I could apply for bigger and better jobs in the same industry. I even started my writing career working under a male bodybuilding alias just so I could get the experience. #IWasMrX

Where did it get me? I built a career – one step at a time that I absolutely loved and gave me freedom and choice to go wherever I wanted – even halfway around the world to the lovely city of Dubai that I now call home.  I’ve done everything from developing sports supplements you can find on the shelf today to opening gourmet healthy restaurants, writing for celebrity magazines and working with top fighters on their way to the ring.  Whatever you want to achieve is possible if you plan for it!

4.    Slay Queen All Day and Night – Have More Than One Hustle

In today’s social buzzing world, with free access to learning tools and the ability to create your own story for the world to see, there really is no reason why you can’t have a great job and do something else you love too. Create content – have a blog, use your skills for something awesome and enjoy the opportunity to do something else.

Instead of wasting your weekends away doing something that won’t lead to long-term satisfaction, make a game plan to learn a new skill. The more time you spend on that skill the more likely you’ll succeed. You may even find your side gig turn into another opportunity you had never considered. In fact, my part-time online personal training and nutrition business lead to contacts and new experiences that brought me to Dubai. Of course I did all of this while slaying my days away in the corporate world. There’s no reason why you can’t do both, you just need the motivation and drive to do it.

Think of it this way, if you only master one skill you can make yourself obsolete. Being good at multiple things not only makes you more of an asset for the company you’re working for but can also come in handy if for some reason you lose your job or simply need to make a change because you’re bored and unsatisfied.

Until Next Time,

Be Fierce & Rule the World!

Lauren Jacobsen

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