How to Live Your Best Life – 45 Ways

Are you living your best life?  Excited about the future? Do you plan your day, and attack if with fierce determination, or let your day run you?

Do you write your own exciting story or limit yourself by your self-proclaimed boundaries and fear of failure?

Are you living a life you hate or a life you have passion for?

My suggestion – life is way to short, to not live it exactly how you like it! And there’s no time like the present to take control of your future self – now!

I use to dread getting up in the morning – I would hit snooze about 10 times before I slowly rolled out of my bed, and dragged my ass to my corporate job. I felt trapped in a life I didn’t want and to top it off unhappily married too.

But despite the obstacles in front of me, I did everything in my power to take control of my life and move it forward in the direction that I wanted. I focused on only doing the things I had passion for and start living the sexy, strong, fit  kind of life I wanted to live!  Fast-forward 5 years later and I’m in the driver seat.

Here’s How to Live Your Best Life!

1)      Live and Breathe Your Passion. Find a job that encourages you to live your passion. Life is too short to not do what you love every damn day.

2)      Dress Like a Sexy Bitch.  I’m not talking micro minis and tube tops. Get out of your gym clothes and get your style on – dress like you mean it!

3)      Go Organic. Eat organically grown veggies, fruits and free-range meats to reduce unneeded toxic pesticides and hormones from your system that can disrupt your metabolism, your hormones and your ability to build muscle.

4)      Be Confident. No one ever loses on confidence, whether its in the office, on the street, in a meeting or grabbing a coffee, be confident and you will get what you want.

5)      Drink Wisely. Sure we all like a GNO – girls night out, but drinking too much, is not CLASSY, and only ends up harming all your hard work in the gym. Drinking even just a little, switches fat burning off, not to mention alcohol can aromatize muscle building hormones like testosterone – and we ladies need all of the testosterone we can get.

6)      Squat Often. You want curves and a booty like JLO, then you better start squatting. Squat with a barbell, or with no weight, use front and back squats, dumbbell squats, sumo squats, just do them and do them often!

7)      Shut off Social Media. Don’t let everyone else’s status up-dates affect how you live your life. Shut it off and shut it out! Focus on becoming a better version of you. You’re only in competition with one person – yourself.

8)      Lift Like You Mean It. Don’t be scared to push the big weights or train like the boys. To gain muscle we need to train even harder than our male counterparts to see results!

9)      Just Put on Your Make-Up and Do it.  Maybe you’re not a make-up chic, but seriously what woman doesn’t feel like a sexy bitch when she’s all dolled up! Not sure where to start, take a lesson, watch YouTube, go to a make-up counter and ask questions.

10)   Cut Out Processed Food.  Not only does it not have any nutritional value, you will no doubt feel worse, and even hungrier after. Pick up good food habits for life.

11)   Eat Well 80% of the Time.  Follow a consistent diet plan, to help you maintain results, burn fat and keep your hard earned muscle.

12)   Eat Dirty 20% of the Time. We all need a little chocolate sometimes, especially during PMS, don’t feel bad if you slip up on your diet occasionally – life happens.

13)   Find a Good Man. Being a strong independent woman can make it difficult to find a supportive man that can handle your craziness, but it is possible. Don’t lose hope or give into being in a relationship just because it’s convenient – the right one is out there!

14)   Listen to Music.  Pick something that inspires you, gives you energy and motivates you – during an intense workout.

15)   Don’t Eat Inflammatory Foods. They can cause gastrointestinal problems, reduce recovery and impede vitamin absorption. Not too mention give you a bloated appearance. Stay away from gluten, dairy and sugar.

16)   Get Your Beauty Rest. Sure you can sleep when you are dead, but you will be far more productive, and much more metabolic for the hours you are alive and awake if you get in at least 8 hours per day.

17)   Use a Combination of Exercises. Lift weights, do athletic drills and cardio for a conditioned, tight and sexy physique.

18)   Meditate More. Take the time to unwind, de-stress and get into the gap. The mind space where you will find clarity and direction if you can learn to master meditation.

19)   Keep Track of Your Successes.  All of your success, whether it’s your strength gains, your weight loss, or a project you completed at work. Tracking your success gives you a sense of accomplishments and allows for new goals to be set.

20)   Get Out of Your Head. Spend less time worrying about the past or the future, and spend more time placing action on the present.

Lauren Jacobsen

21)   Buy the Shoes.  Every woman has a weakness for a hot pair of shoes. Buy them and walk ferociously in them, swing those hips and command attention with every step! Insert quote from ‘Sex in the City’s’ Carrie…. ‘Hellllooo Lover…. ‘

22)   Hydrate Your Self. Drink at least 3 to 4 L of water daily, it will keep you hydrated for workouts, keeps the metabolism active and keeps the skin soft and beautiful.

23)   Eat Fat – The Good Kind. Essential fats like omega-3 from flax and fish oil, keep our hair, skin and nails luxurious, but also our brain functioning optimally. A diet higher in fat also has an anti-catabolic effect, helping preserve muscle tissue and switching the body to using fat as fuel!

24)   Drink Tea and Coffee.  These are both thermogenic – that means our metabolism works overtime, even while at rest!

25)   Surround Yourself With Other Hot Bitches.  Yep positive breeds positive, if you want to be a Sexy Bitch you better make sure your friends are up to snuff. That means positive minded women who inspire and motivate you to be your best, both inside and out!  Learn to live your life like a Sexy, Strong, Fit BITCH!

26)   Educate Yourself. Read books, follow websites that inspire, or listen to books that motivate you to go after what you really want in life. Bonus – guys dig smart chics!

27)   Be Consistent. Be consistent with your diet, your workouts, and how you present yourself to others – no one likes a flaky bitch.

28)   Don’t Overwhelm Yourself.  It can be hard to get really good at something if you are doing a million things. Become an expert at one or two things you really excel at – perfect those things before moving on to something else. Be your own brand!

29)   Travel Lots. If you want to really get to know yourself, travel to a foreign country that speaks a language you don’t speak. You will test yourself in ways you never thought possible! I‘ve learned this lesson first hand traveling through Asia, the Middle East and Europe by myself!

30)   Break the Rules. Who says girls can’t have fun, at any age!  Book a last minute trip to Vegas with your BFF, hit on the guy who’s ten years your younger at the gym, party till sunrise at that after party, it’s never to late to be a Rock Star!

31)   Buy Less Supplements. It would be just wrong for me to say don’t buy any supplements after working in the industry as long as I have, but you should never let them replace good nutrition. Stock up on supplements that are clinically proven, and will help you get closer to your goals like Protein, Creatine, BCAAs, a good Multi-Vitamin and an Omega-3 supplement.

32)   Dance Often. Who cares where you are –  your kitchen, in front of the TV, or on the treadmill. Dancing releases feel good endorphins that will pick you up, give you energy and improve mood.

33)   Don’t Follow Fads.  Eat well, train heavy and you will see results its that simple. Try the Sexy Strong Fit approach.

34)   Don’t Be Jelly.  Focus on your own successes and your own path, create a dream board for the life you want to live and start making it happen.

35)   Eat an Apple A Day. Don’t cut out fruit – there are too many good things in fruit – phytonutrients, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

36)   Keep it Tight. Keep your weight within 5 to 10 lbs of your ideal weight all the time!  Who wants two wardrobes that’s just too expensive and unnecessary.

37)   Smile Big.  A smile lights up a room, is inviting and shows you are confident and in control. Brush those pearly whites, and floss daily to ensure a healthy bright smile!

38)   Book A Photo Shoot. If you want to feel like a sexy bitch, get your ass in shape and get behind the camera. You want to feel confident and empowered, book a shoot and do it for you.

39)   Go to the Spa.  Get a mani and a pedi, have a facial and a deep tissue massage.  It feels good to spoil ourselves occasionally.   Reward yourself for sticking to your diet, getting all your workouts done, or completing a big project.

40)   Eat Lots of Protein.  You want to build muscle, maintain muscle, stay lean and trim, then you better eat lots of protein.  At least 1 g/lb of bodyweight.

41)    Find A Mentor.  The best way to become a sexy bitch is to follow in the steps of a sexy bitch you look up to.  Find a coach that can guide you in the direction toward becoming the woman you were meant to be!

42)    Don’t Act Your Age.  We are only as old as we believe we are.  If you keep telling yourself you’re too old to change, then you will be.  Don’t give up on your dreams or yourself – you are the only one who has the power to change it!  Start believing! Here’s a few tips to stay fit over forty!

43)   Drive a Fast Car.  Who says you can’t have a hot, fast car just cause your a chic?  Learn how to drive a stick shift.  It’s hot! You can and you should. I do!

44)   Learn How to Let Go.  Holding on to the should’ve, could’ve, would’ve will only waste time and prevent you from moving forward. Let go of the past and live in the here and now.

45)   Read this site often.  And subscribe to my newsletter : D

Until Next Time,

Be Fierce & Rule The World,

Lauren Jacobsen

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