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Up-Grade Your Low Carb Meals – 8 Vegetable Options

Eating the same foods can become monotonous and lead to diet breakdowns if you are not feeling satisfied with your food.  So what’s the alternative?  In this post, I’m providing you with eight healthy low carb alternatives that will add minimal calories and a whole lot of excitement to your low carb-eating plan. 

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8 Foods to Pump Up Your Oatmeal

We all love oatmeal, no matter if its quick oats, steel cut or rolled.  Oatmeal is a diverse food that delivers a great source of fibre, iron, magnesium and energizing b-vitamins.  Not too mention it’s also been shown to help with digestion, and have heart health benefits.   The best part of oatmeal, you can add many different ingredients to add even more benefits, not to mention create many different flavours!  Try these 8 healthy ingredients to help pump up your oatmeal! 

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4 Tips to Burn Fat Faster

Looking for a few ways to burn fat and get your metabolism working quicker? Burning off fat is not always as easy as eating less and doing more exercise, if you’re not eating the right foods,  performing the wrong types of exercise and not getting enough sleep, you could be impeding your fat burning results.  Keep reading to learn how to burn fat faster and what tactics you can use to kick start your metabolism.

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20 Minute Booty Band Workout

Here’s a simple, booty band workout you can perform at home or bring it to the gym!  These exercise are designed to give you a full leg and glute workout.  This workout will improve your legs and booty quickly and help build your core too!  Ready – let’s go!

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Easy Ways to Boost Your Daily Fibre Intake

You have probably heard that daily fibre intake is an important part of a healthy diet.  What’s more foods high in fiber are not hard to find, in fact many can be found in the foods you are probably already familiar with!  But despite this fact many of us still do not get enough fibre in our diet.  In fact, most consume less than 50% of the recommended dietary fibre in-take needed for good health!  So, what exactly are the health benefits of fibre? Keep reading to find out everything you have ever needed to know about your daily fibre intake,  how much you need and how to get more of it!

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5 Quick Diet Tricks for a Flat Tummy

A flat tummy can be the centrepiece of your outfit.  No matter if it’s a tight dress, bikini, or super sexy midriff outfit, you no doubt want to make sure that tummy is tight and taunt.  Of course the right diet and exercise program are the first steps to trimming the fat and toning up. If you have already got these covered off and are looking for a few diet tricks to look your best and reduce bloating fast, consider using these five quick diet tricks for a flat tummy fast! 

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